Armand Herdzina
Cash Game Coach

I am Armand, pro player and co-founder of Solvbet.

Cash Game specialist, in Heads-up, 3Max - 6 Max formats, and expert in GTO, I have developed over the years a great mastery of the game, as well as solvers (MonkerSolver, PioSolver), the Holdem Manager tracker, and GTO Trainer software. I also have a good knowledge of the fields of the most important rooms.

More recently, I was able to deepen my knowledge in Big Data analysis and Data visualization, valuable tools in the study of optimal play and field trends.

How does the coaching take place?
I suggest first establishing a diagnosis of your game, by observing your win rate by position, then your overall statistics, in order to detect your leaks. We will start by correcting your biggest leaks, then we will gradually move on to the smaller ones. This way, you can start seeing results very quickly.

The goal of my coaching is to save you a lot of time! In fact, to make the right decision at the table, you have to devote a lot of time to studying the game. Having already done this work, I can help you progress and boost your game quickly. In addition, thanks to the different tools I have, including MonkerSolver, PioSolver, and GTO Trainer, we will be able to work on all your little weaknesses with great efficiency.

I publish a lot of poker content on Solvbet's YouTube channel (SOLVBET_FR), I invite you to watch my videos to get an idea of ​​my educational approach.

If you would like to work on your game with me or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

I propose 1-hour sessions, in French only. 

Coaching Strengths

- study of the game 
- GTO expert 
- tools and software

1h: 200€ 5h: 900€ 10h: 1500€
Solvbet Support
Florian Cianchetti
Cash game Coach

Hi everyone, it's Florian!

My journey began in 2013, when I discovered online poker. I immediately fall in love with this game and devote all my free time to it. In March 2020, I decided to dedicate myself to poker full time, so I began intensive training to become a professional player.

While having tried the different variants of the game, my specialty has always been the cash game. Over the years I climbed the ladder until I managed to play high stakes, and today I play between NL200 and NL2000.

I'm always looking to progress, which is why I work daily on the different aspects of the game, from GTO to mindset, in order to improve myself and reach the highest limits.

As a sports coach for 10 years, I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge and helping people to improve and express their full potential. That's why I decided a year ago to start giving poker coaching.


How is the coaching with me?

My work is mainly focused on the technical aspect, identifying from the first sessions the key points to work on with the student in order to bring his game to the next level! We will start with an analysis of your game, to identify your leaks, and I will design a personalized program based on your needs and goals.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, I will guide you towards the achievement of your goals. Feel free to contact me!

I propose 1-hour sessions, in French only.

Coaching Strengths

- technical skills

- precise

- coaching experience

1h: 75€ 10h: 650€
Cash Game Coach
English Spanish

Hello everybody! My name is Gabriel, alias El_Pr3dator.

I started with poker 7 Years ago and I am mostly playing NLH Cash, but I like to mix it up with tournaments as well as with Cash Game Omaha. My idol was and still is Tom Dwan, I like his calculated aggressiveness and methodical thinking process.
I currently play NL 500 zoom and NL 1k on Pokerstars but live I play also higher stakes, up to NL 4k. Most recently I played on the televised tables of "Gran Via Poker Show", in Madrid, with Raul Mestre (founder of Educa Poker academy), David Huerga, and other well-known Spanish players. You can find these videos on my YT Channel ( where I also post regularly live&explain sessions.

I love to give away all my knowledge and help one improve. Everyone is different, and has his own strengths and leaks. Therefore, in order to be as efficient as possible you need as student a flexible coach who can focus on your needs. This is where I come into play. 

I offer coaching sessions for NL 50 and above, and I can coach in English, German, Romanian, and Spanish. Feel free to contact me if you are interested! 

Coaching Strengths

- Great technical skills

- Expert coach

- Flexibility

1 h: 120€ 5 h: 500€
Nicolas Gravisse
Physical and mental trainer
French English

I am Nicolas GRAVISSE (Ph.D.), high-performance Expert for elite athletes. 


I consider professional poker players as high-level athletes. Technical skills are not enough to stay in the Game for a long time: lifestyle and mental skills are decisive (emotion management, tilt management, concentration, motivational endurance, etc.). Good management of sleep, nutrition, and physical activity are key factors for long-term performance and good health, in order to have a professional poker career. 

Working for years side by side with top athletes, I have developed a methodology to analyze the performance process in a holistic way, i.e. which includes and connects all the factors of performance.


My Education:

• Bachelor’s degree in sports training (Bordeaux University)

• Master’s degree in Human Nutrition  (Bordeaux University)

• Master’s degree in Sports Physiology (Blaise Pascal University - Clermont-Ferrand)

• University Degree in Nutrition and sports performance (Blaise Pascal University - Clermont-Ferrand)

• University Degree in Physical Preparation (Lille University)

• University Degree in Video Analysis for Team Sports (Lille University)

• Certificate in Psychology for High Performance (FC Barcelona)

• Ph.D. in Sports Sciences (Orléans University)

• Football and weightlifting coaching diplomas (French Football Federation, French Olympic Weightlifting Federation)

More details about my background are available on my Linkedin profile: 


How does the coaching take place?

First of all, I make a diagnosis of your performance process. We will examine your habits in terms of sleep, nutrition, and physical activity, and your mental processes in real-game situations. We will then progress step by step on these different aspects to make you more and more competent in your high-performance process.

My goal is to build, with you, your high-performance path to be a winning player over time and stay in good health.

If, like top athletes, you want to optimize everything, contact me now.

Coaching Strengths

- High-level Education

- Experience with top athletes

- Holistic approach 



1h : 200€ 10h : 1500€
Nico Gravisse#4483